Civitas Ihervsalem

Collection: Osher Sheet Map Collection

Title: Civitas Ihervsalem

Title Translation: City of Jerusalem

Barcode: 236

Creator: Breydenbach, Bernhard von, Reuwich, Erhard

Publisher: Breydenbach, Bernhard von

Publishing Location: Mainz

Region Depicted: Jerusalem · Holy Land · Palestine · Israel

Date Produced: 1486

Date Published: 1486

Language: Latin

Historical Context: The earliest-printed detailed view of Jerusalem, this image was included in the first illustrated travel book, an account of a journey to the Holy Land in the years 1483 to 1484. The book was intended as a preparatory guide for pilgrimages and became one of the earliest 15th-century works to reach bestseller status. Erhard Reuwich, who accompanied von Breydenbach on the journeys, designed the view and supervised its printing. Reuwich created the woodcuts for the guidebook based on his sketches of Venice, Corfu, Rhodes and Jerusalem. The Peregrinationes was one of the most technically innovative woodcut books of its day, and many of the views and details in the book were copied later in the Nuremberg Chronicle and The Columbus Letter.

Subjects: Breydenbach, Bernhard von, -1497 · Reuwich, Erhard, active 1483-1486 · Jerusalem · Holy Land · Palestine · Israel · Geography --Pictorial works · Maps--Early works to 1800

Map Type: Views, Urban, Thematic

Dimensions: 28 x 128 cm.

Printing Process: Relief

Printing Technique: Wood , Letterpress

Material Type: Paper

Brief Description: View centered on the walled city of Jerusalem and showing the neighboring lands.

Physical Description: 1 panorama view: illustrated

Theme: The Holy Land

Associated Map Imagery: Ship, 1486, Civitas Ihervsalem

Collection/Donor: Osher

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