[untitled map of River St. Claire; first part]

Collection: Osher Map Library Sheet Map Collection

Title: [untitled map of River St. Claire; first part]

Barcode: 38557

Creator: United States Light-House Board,

Publisher: United States Light-House Board,

Publishing Location: Washington D.C.

Region Depicted: Ontario · Michigan

Date Produced: 1891

Date Published: 1891

Language: English

See Also: [untitled map of River St. Claire; second part]

Map Type: Boundary

Dimensions: 29.5 x 54

Notes: "We certify this to be a true map of part of the Boundary designated by the sixth article of the Treaty of Ghent from actual Survey by order of the Board." "U.S. Light-House Board, Washington, D.C. November, 1891. Photolithographed from original charts by permission of the U.S. State Department Geo. W. Coffin Commander U.S.N. Navel Secretary"

Theme: Manifest Destiny and the Railroads

Collection/Donor: USM Geo. And Anthro Dept.

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