American Civil War Maps Scrapbook. [Front cover]

Collection: Osher Map Library Collection

Name: American Civil War Maps Scrapbook. [Front cover]


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Date Created: 1865


Dimensions: cover: 29 x 22 cm pages: various sizes.

Notes: Geography textbook from 1831 converted into a scrapbook of American Civil War maps from 1862 to 1865. Includes maps of battlefields, detailed articles on the troop movements mainly of the Army of the Potomac. Also included is a fragment from the Philadelphia Inquirer (now the Daily News) describing the funeral of Abraham Lincoln dated April 22, 1865. One of the articles includes a partial list of those soldiers killed at the battle of Gettysburg. The clippings are from the Philadelphia Inquirer and other newspapers in the area.

Physical Description: Very fragile. Many of the clippings are loose or torn. Binding is loose.

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