National Parks Portfolio

Collection: Yensen Book Collection

Title: National Parks Portfolio

Barcode: 13862

Author: Yard, Robert Sterling (1861 -1945)


Publishing Location: Washington D.C.

Date: 1928

Language: English

Dimensions: Height: 26

Notes: 5th edition, revised by Isabelle F. Story, editor, National Park Service At head of title: "United States Department of the Interior. Hubert Work, Secretary.National Park Service. Stephen T. Mather, Director." Presents descriptions of U.S. national parks and national monuments. Supplemented by several black and white photographs. Note to fifth edition, page 2: "The first edition ... was issued by the Department of the Interior in June, 1916. The second edition, brought up to date by the substitution of later photographs and enlarged by the addition of thirty-six pages, was one of the first publications of the new National Park Service which Congress created August 25, 1916. The third edition, published in 1921, contained twenty-two additional pages of pictures. The fourth edition, issued in 1925, contained information regarding ten new national monuments created after the publication of the third edition, including three new pictures. This, the fifth edition, is a thorough revision of previous issues, both in text and illustrations. In all, ninety-two new pictures have been used."

Physical Description: 1 book: 270 pages including illustrations, map

Accession Number: YEN-1928-33

Collection/Donor: Yensen

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