The world with its inhabitants

Collection: Smith Globe Collection

Title: The world with its inhabitants

Barcode: 2367

Creator: Bauer, Carl

Date Published: 1825

Historical Context: This little educational toy is a miniature globe only two inches in diameter. It is accompanied by an unfolding paper featuring drawings of people from around the world. The tiny globe is made of 12 tiny gores, and it comes in a cardboard box labeled "The Earth and ist Inhabitants." Other copies of the same globe are ironically titled "The Earth and itz Inhabitants," maintaining an endearing misspelling. Carl Bauer, who made the globe, was part of a family business that worked out of Nuremberg. He made these small items with very simple geography; of course, this was necessary considering the confined space he had to fit world geography upon.

Notes: The globe is enclosed in a small box which contains a set of unfolding pictures of people in native European dress.

Brief Description: To view the interactive 3D photogrammetry model please follow the url link:

Physical Description: 6.75" diam

Accession Number: SM-1825-9

Collection/Donor: Smith

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