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Opusculum Geographicum Rarum

↑ Parent Atlas: Opusculum Geographicum Rarum

Collection: Osher Atlas Collection

Title: Opusculum Geographicum Rarum

Barcode: 7343

Author: Myritius, Joannes (approximately 1534 -1587), Eder, Wolfgang (active 1578 -1596)

Publishing Location: Ingolstadt

Date Produced: 1590

Date Published: 1590

Language: Latin

Dimensions: Height: 33

Notes: Travel book through the Holy Land featuring woodcut maps; illustrations of the temple in Jerusalem

Physical Description: 1 book

Accession Number: OS-1590-5

Collection/Donor: Osher

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/7343.0001