West Indies-Spanish Main

Collection: Osher Sheet Map Collection

Title: West Indies-Spanish Main

Barcode: 244

Creator: Anghiera, Pietro Martire d', 1457-1526

Publishing Location: Seville

Region Depicted: West Indies · Yucata╠ün Peninsula · Cuba · Hispaniola · Haiti · Dominican Republic

Date Produced: 1511

Date Published: 1511

Language: Latin

Historical Context: This is the first printed map to show the actual geographical outline of the Caribbean, as Columbus mapped it in 1492-1503. It appeared in 1511, in a work which suggested that Columbus had in fact reached a "New World" rather than "the Indies."

Subjects: Caribbean Area · West Indies · Cuba · Mexico, Gulf of · Columbus, Christopher · Exploration and discovery · Early maps · Yucatan Peninsula · Hispaniola · Haiti · Dominican Republic

Map Type: Geographical

Dimensions: 20 X 30 cm.

Printing Process: Relief

Printing Technique: Wood, Letterpress

Material Type: Paper

Notes: Verso text in Latin. From Legatio Babilonica Occeanea decas (Seville, 1511). Title supplied by cataloger

Brief Description: Map of the West Indies and Gulf of Mexico, including the east coast of Mexico

Physical Description: 1 map: uncolored, no margins

Theme: From Colonies to Local Control: Mapping North America, 1494 to 1867

Collection/Donor: Osher

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/244.0001