Typus Cosmographicus Universalis

Collection: Osher Sheet Map Collection

Title: Typus Cosmographicus Universalis

Barcode: 262

Creator: Munster, Sebastian (1489 -1552), Huttich, Johann (1480 -1544), Holbein, Hans (1497 -1543), Grynäus, Simon (1493 -1541)

Publishing Location: Basle

Date Produced: 1555

Date Published: 1555

Language: Latin

Dimensions: paper x

Printing Process: Relief

Printing Technique: wood letter-press

Material Type: Paper

Notes: This map was first published in 1532 in Novus Orbis Regionum by Johann Huttich and Simon Grynaeus. The decor of the map attributed to Hans Holbein the Younger features sea monsters, mermaids, feasting cannibals, winged serpents. The map is ca. 1555 - a later version with Asia in large letters. This edition is attributed to Munster and Holbein.

Collection/Donor: Osher

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/262.0001