Koum Ombou (Ombos.)

Collection: Osher Sheet Map Collection

Title: Koum Ombou (Ombos.)

Barcode: 937

Creator: Fourier, Jean B. J.

Date Produced: 1823

Date Published: 1823

Language: French

Dimensions: 43 cm. x 58 cm. on sheet 52 cm. x 68cm.

Printing Process: Etching

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

Notes: Napoleonic Plates of Egypt This is a map of the temple in Koum Obou Egypt Top left corner "A. Vol. 1." Top right: "Pl. 39." Note at bottom: "Plans General des Ruines et des Environs"

Collection/Donor: Osher

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/937.0001