Creatio Universi

Collection: Smith Sheet Map Collection

Title: Creatio Universi

Alternative Title: Genesis cap. 1. v.1 : Creatio Universi = 1. Buch Mosis cap. I. v.1 : Erschaffung der gantzen Welt

Barcode: 12525

Creator: Fuesslinus, Tigur Melchior, Pfeffel, Johannes Andreas (1674 -1750), Johannes, Friderich

Date Produced: circa 1720

Date Published: circa 1720

Language: Latin

Notes: Engraving of the creation of the universe, the earth surrounded by planetary orbits engraved by Fuesslinus who worked in Augsburg, Germany in the first decade of the 18th century. The engraver could be J. Andreas Friedrich the elder (1684-1751) or possibly his son with the same name, (1714-1779). This celestial map came from "Physica Sacra" by Johannes Jacob Scheuczher published by Johann Andreas Pfeffel. Inside the map folder is information regarding the map.

Physical Description: 1 celestial map: illustrated, colored

Collection/Donor: Smith

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