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Fitch's Mapping Card _ Plate No 3.

↑ Parent Atlas: The Youth's Mapping Book being an introduction to Fitch's Chorography containing maps of New-York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

Collection: Smith Atlas Collection

Title: Fitch's Mapping Card _ Plate No 3.

Barcode: 4588

Creator: Fitch, George William, Wilder, Alfred Montrose (b. 1804)

Date Produced: 1849

Date Published: 1849

Printing Process: Lithography

Notes: Maine. Covering area from New Hampshire to New Brunswick and from New Brunswick to the town of York and the Atlantic Ocean. "Lat & Long Litho of B.F. Butler, 90 Fulton St. N.Y."

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