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Line of march of the left wing 16th Army Coprs from May 5th to Sept. 8th 1864.

↑ Parent: Atlas to accompany the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies published under the direction of the Hon. Daniel S. Lamont, Secretary of War Maj. George B. Davis U.S.A. Mr. Leslie J. Perry Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley Board of Publication Compiled by Capt. Calvin D. Cowles 23d. U.S. Infantry Part XXXII. General topographical maps of the theatre of war.

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Line of march of the left wing 16th Army Coprs from May 5th to Sept. 8th 1864.


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Alternative Title: Position of the left wing 16th A.C.; Map showing the position of left wing 16th Army Corps during the engagement near Atlanta, July 22d, 1864.; [Map 4: Position of the Union Forces in front of Atlanta, GA., July 19-22, 1864]; Diagram of the Battle-Field occupied by Gen. Blair, 17th Army Corps, on the extreme right of the army, July 5th to 11th, 1864, on the Chattahoochee.; Position of left wing 16th Army Corps in front of Kenesaw Mountain.; Map showing the position of the Confederate Armies of Mississippi and Tennessee under command of Gen. J. E. Johnston, May 19th, 1864. Army Tennessee: Gen. J. E. Johnston. Army Mississippi: Lt. Gen. L. Polk.; Positions of the 4th Div. 17th Army Corps, July 22d, 1864.; Diagram of the general situation during the Siege of Atlanta.; [Map 10: The vicinity of Powder Springs, GA.]; Diagram showing the advance of the 3d Brig. 4th Div. 17th Corps on the Sandtown Road to Widow Mitchell's Farm and from there East to the Nickajack, July 3, 4 and 5th 1864.; Diagram showing the flank movement of the 17th Army Corps from Turner's Ferry (July 16, 1864) by way of Marietta and Roswell to South of Decatur and East of Atlanta, to the extreme left of the Army.; [Map 13: Position of the 20th and 23d Army Corps, near Lost Mountain, GA., June 10, 1864]; Headquarters 2d Cavalry Division, Tyson's, June 12, 1864.


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Notes: No title inscribed on Map 4, Map 10, and Map 13. Bracketed title is drawn from table on 3778.0001. "May 5th to Sept. 8th, 1864." "May 20, 1864." "July 3, 1864." "July 4, 1864." "July 5, 1864." "June 12, 1864." 1864 - Inscribed on Map

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