Collection: Map Cartouche Collection

Parent Map: Belgium Foederatum emendatè auctum et novissmè editum, per Nicolaum Visscher cum Privilegio.

Date Produced: circa 1689

Date Published: circa 1689

Language: Latin

Description: Title cartouche features classical figures and cherubs. Poseidon and Hermes are on the right of the cartouche, and a woman siting with a globe and calipers sits on the left. An angel is at the top, blowing a trumpet and holding a royal coat of arms of Netherlands.

Cartouche Elements: Mythology, Poseidon (Greek deity), Neptune (Roman deity), Hermes (Greek deity), Mercury (Roman deity), Figures, Women, Queens, Cherubs, Angels, Coats of Arms, Heraldry, Symbolism, Gods & goddesses

Subjects: Mythology · Poseidon (Greek deity) · Neptune (Roman deity) · Hermes (Greek deity) · Mercury (Roman deity) · Queens · Cherubs (Art) · Angels · Devices (Heraldry) · Heraldry · Symbolism · Gods & goddesses