Part of the Thirteenth L.H. District

Collection: Osher Map Library Sheet Map Collection

Title: Part of the Thirteenth L.H. District

Barcode: 50253

Creator: United States Light-House Board,

Publisher: United States Light-House Board,

Publishing Location: Washington D.C.

Region Depicted: Alaska · Bering Sea · British Columbia · Siberia, Russia

Date Produced: 1906

Date Published: 1906

Language: English

Subjects: Lighthouses

See Also: United States Lighthouse Establishment, First L.H. District, Second L.H. District, Part of the Third L.H. District, Third L.H. District, Third L.H. Subdistrict West Indies, Fifth L.H. District, Sixth L.H. District, Seventh L.H. District, Eighth L.H. District, Ninth L.H. District, Tenth L.H. District, Eleventh L.H. District, Twelfth L.H. District, Twelfth L.H. Subdistrict, Thirteenth L.H. District, Fourteenth L.H. District, Fifteenth L.H. District, Sixteenth L.H. District

Dimensions: 44 x 50.5 cm

Notes: From: Annual Report of the U.S. Light-House Board

Physical Description: One of 21 nautical charts covering lighthouse districts showing the various types of lights utilized. Includes details of lighthouse depots, lighted buoys, light vessels, fog signals and inset maps of coastal cities and harbors.

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