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Holsatiae descriptio.

↑ Parent Atlas: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum

Collection: Osher Atlas Collection

Title: Holsatiae descriptio.

Alternative Title: Rugiae, usedomiae, et iulinae, Wandalicarum isularum vera descriptio.

Barcode: 7348

Creator: Ortelius, Abraham, 1527 -1598

Region Depicted: Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Date Produced: 1595

Date Published: 1595

Subjects: Schleswig-Holstein (Germany)

Physical Description: Holstein and Rugen Map of Holstein credited to Marco Iordano Holsato acutore. The two maps printed on this one sheet were printed from two different plates. The date on the map of Rugen is 1584, and van der Krogt confirms 1584 as the first date of the map's appearance in an Ortelius atlas.

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