5.5 Inch World Globe

Collection: Naden Globe Collection

Title: 5.5 Inch World Globe

Barcode: 15187

Creator: J. Chein and Company*,

Publishing Location: Burlington, NJ

Date Published: 1960

Language: English

Dimensions: 14

Notes: Base of the globe shows months, seasons, and the zodiac. Globe was dated as follows: the Gold Coast has been changed to Ghana: this happened in 1957; French West Africa has not yet been dissolved, which happened in 1960. Copy 2 of OML-1960-46.

Physical Description: 1 globe: color, metal, mounted on a metal base

Accession Number: NA-1960-48

Collection/Donor: Tony Naden

Permanent URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/15187.0001