Gibb Atlas Collection

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The wine atlas of France : and traveller's guide to the vineyards
Barcode: 39460
Author: Duijker, Hubrecht, Johnson, Hugh (b. 1939)
Date Produced: 1987
Date Published: 1987
Collection/Donor: Gibb

Standard Atlas of Marshall County, South Dakota
Barcode: 39495
Author: Brock & Company,
Language: English
Publishing Location: Chicago
Date Produced: 1929
Date Published: 1929
Collection/Donor: Gibb

Rand McNally Illustrated Atlas
Barcode: 39509
Language: English
Date Produced: 1937
Date Published: 1937
Collection/Donor: Gibb

1924 Atlas of the World and Gazetteer
Barcode: 39915
Date Produced: 1924
Date Published: 1924
Collection/Donor: Gibb

Ravenstein Strassen atlas Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Barcode: 40105
Author: Frankfurt-am-Main,
Language: German
Publishing Location: Frankfurt-am-Main
Date Produced: 1980
Date Published: 1980
Collection/Donor: Gibb

The new atlas of planet management
Barcode: 46626
Author: Myers, Norman
Date Produced: 2005
Date Published: 2005
Collection/Donor: Gibb

United States treasure atlas
Barcode: 46635
Author: Terry, Thomas P.
Date Produced: 1985
Date Published: 1985
Collection/Donor: Gibb

The sex atlas : a new illustrated guide
Barcode: 47122
Author: Seabury Press, Haeberle, Erwin J.
Date Produced: 1978
Date Published: 1978
Collection/Donor: Gibb

The atlas of food : who eats what, where, and why
Barcode: 47167
Author: Lang, Tim, Millstone, Erik, University of California Press,
Publishing Location: Berkeley, CA
Date Produced: 2008
Date Published: 2008
Collection/Donor: Gibb