Osher Book Collection

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Gesta Dei per Francos siue Orientalium expeditionem...
Barcode: 364
Author: Bongars, Jacques, Torsello, Marino Sanuto
Language: Latin
Publishing Location: Hannover
Date: 1611
Collection/Donor: Osher

The Boston Almanac, for the year 1839. By S.N. Dickinson
Barcode: 1006
Author: Dickinson, S. N., Groom, Thomas
Language: English
Date: 1839
Collection/Donor: Osher

The Boston Almanac for the year 1850
Barcode: 1043
Author: Groom, Thomas, Coolidge and Wiley, , Billings, Hammatt (1818 -1874)
Language: English
Date: 1850
Collection/Donor: Osher

The Maine State Almanac, 1884 : Diary and Gazeteer
Barcode: 1195
Author: Wells & Richardson Co.,
Language: English
Publishing Location: Burlington, VT
Date: 1884
Collection/Donor: Osher

Pharus Map & Guide of London
Barcode: 1352
Author: Cook, Thomas, Giesen Bros. and Co., , Pharus Company,
Language: English
Date: 1906
Collection/Donor: Osher

Nouveau Paris Monumental Itine?raire pratique de e?tranger dans Paris.
Barcode: 1376
Author: Leconte, A.
Language: French
Publishing Location: Paris
Date: 1910
Collection/Donor: Osher