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Page Name: Atlas [front cover]

Name: Atlas


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Dimensions: Cover: H 51.8 x W 31.5 cm
Page: H 50.3 x W 30.5 cm

Physical Description: Composite atlas featuring maps by Johann Baptist Homann, Gerard and Leonard Valck, Matthaeus Seutter, Joan Blaeu, Nicholas Sanson, Jan Jansson and others. Also included is Athanasius Kircher's map Tabula geographico-hydrographica, the first to show the ocean currents. Most of the maps are highly decorative including Seutter's map showing Spain's conquest of Sardinia and Sicily in a battle dated October 24, 1718, a continuation of the War of the Spanish Succession. Includes a copper engraving of the construction of a ship and another section illustrating flags of the provinces of the Netherlands. The date 1718 is from the Seutter map depicting a battle fought by the Spaniards to regain Sardinia and Sicily.

LC Call Number: G1015 .D3 1718

OCLC: 933760070

Accession Number: SM-1696-11