Secunda etas mundi

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Secunda etas mundi

Barcode: 238

Creator: Schedel, Hartmann, 1440-1514

Publishing Location: Nuremburg

Notes: From Chronicle of the World. Published in 1493 and generally known as the Nuremberg Chronicle, it is a history of the world from Creation to Shedel's time. This map shows Noah's three sons holding the world. Included are side illustrations of human monstrosities. Verso: Text in Latin.

Date/Date Range Produced: 1493

Date/Date Range Published: 1493

Language: Latin

Dimensions: 31 x 43 cm

Printing Process: Relief

Printing Technique: Wood Letterpress

Material Type: Paper

LC Call Number: G3200 1493 .S3

OCLC: 743299137

Accession Number: OS-1493-3

Donor: Osher

Permenant URL:; 238.0002