Edo Meisho Ikken Sugoroku

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Edo Meisho Ikken Sugoroku

Barcode: 12842

Creator: Hiroshige II,

Date/Date Range Published: 1859

Language: Japanese

Region Depicted: Tokyo, Japan

Dimensions: H 71.5 x W 71 cm

Printing Process: Woodblock

Notes: Famous places of Edo at a glance, as with a game board. This is not a sugoroku (board game) sheet print, but the title clearly indicates it was laid out in such a way as to allude to such a game print. This map is of the genre of "chokan:" bird's eye views which became quite popular in the late Edo period. Some early and spectacular examples were done by Hokusai. Competition was fierce in the printing world at this time, and the combination of the popularity of sugoroku, bird's-eye views, maps of the burgeoning town and the use of the Hiroshige name (even if only his successor) would have contributed to the appeal of this work.

Accession Number: OS-1857-23

Donor: Osher

Permenant URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/12842.0001