Portolan Chart of the Mediterranean Region.

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Portolan Chart of the Mediterranean Region.

Barcode: 319

Creator: Olives, Bartomeu, active 16th century

Date/Date Range Produced: 1583

Date/Date Range Published: 1583

Language: English

Dimensions: vellum (animal skin) x

Printing Technique: Manuscript

Material Type: Vellum (parchment)

Notes: Inscription in Spanish records that the chart was made in the fortress of Salvador in Messina, Sicily. Olives came from a family of Majorcan chart makers. Decorations include real and mythical animals, castles and fortresses, miniature town views specifically of the port towns of Venice and Genoa.

OCLC: 891668385

Accession Number: OS-1583-2

Donor: Osher

Permenant URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/319.0001