Hispalensis Conventvs Delineatio, Auctore Hieronymo Chiaues

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Hispalensis Conventvs Delineatio, Auctore Hieronymo Chiaues

Barcode: 339

Creator: Chaves, Geronimo

From Atlas: Yes

Publishing Location: Antwerp

Notes: Verso: Text in French. Note: "Privilegio Imp. et Regis majests." Map first published in the 1579 Latin edition of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, this copy is from the 1598 French edition of Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.

Atlas Reference: Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, 1598

Subjects: Array

Publisher: Ortelius, Abraham, 1527-1598

Date/Date Range Produced: 1579

Date/Date Range Published: 1598

Language: LatinSpanish

Region Depicted: Andalusia, SpainCadiz, SpainHuelva, Spain (Province)Seville, Spain (Province)

Map Type: GeographicalPolitical maps

Dimensions: H 35 x W 45 cm.

Printing Process: Etching

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

LC Call Number: G6563.A55 1598 .C4

OCLC: 819751908

Donor: Osher

Permenant URL: https://oshermaps.org/map/339.0001; 339.0002