Collection: Smith Sheet Map Collection

Title Translation: New Map of English America containing everything that the English possess in North Americaa, Known as Canada, Nova Scotia or Acadia, the thirteen United Provinces which are: the four Colonies of New England ... written exactly after the latest geographical determinations made by Matthew Albert Lotter in Augsburg.

Bar Code: 1990

Creator: Lotter, Matthius Albrecht (1741 -1810)

Date Produced: 02/1777

Date Published: 02/1777

Language: French

Subjects: Canada, Eastern · New England · Middle Atlantic States · South Atlantic States · Florida · Georgia · South Carolina · North Carolina · Virginia · Maryland · Delaware · Pennsylvania · New Jersey · New York (State) · Connecticut · Rhode Island · Massachusetts · Vermont · New Hampshire · Maine · Ontario · Nova Scotia · Acadia · Newfoundland and Labrador · Great Lakes (North America) · Colonial America · Native American tribes ·

Source Referenced: 61 x 50 cm

Map Type: Geographical , Political

Printing Process: Engraving

Printing Technique: Copper

Material Type: Paper

Brief Description: Hand colored map showing Canada, New England, Middle Atlantic States and South Atlantic States.

Physical Description: 1 map: colored (hand-applied, outline), illustrated

Donor: Smith