Herefordshire, England

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Herefordia Comitatvs. Hereford-Shire.
Herefordia Comitatvs. Hereford-Shire.
Barcode: 3244
Creator: Blaeu, Joan, 1596-1673
Language: Latin
Publishing Location:Amsterdam
Region Depicted: Herefordshire, England
Date Produced: 1645
Date Published: 1645
Map Type: Geographical, Political
Collection/Donor: Michie

Barcode: 4363
Creator: Cary, John
Language: English
Region Depicted: Herefordshire, England · England
Date Produced: 1787
Date Published: 1787
Map Type: Boundary, Geographical

A Map of the lower house farm at Noke in parish of Pembridge and county of Hereford.