U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey,

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Magnetic declination in North Carolina in 1925
Barcode: 37847
Date: 1925
Collection/Donor: Morin

United States East Coast- Maryland and Virginia, Potomac River Piney Point to Lower Cedar Point
Barcode: 40229
Date Produced: 1972
Date Published: 1972
Collection/Donor: Gibb

United States--East Coast, Maryland--Virginia: Chesapeake Bay, Smith Point to Cove Point
Barcode: 42996
Date Range: 1941 - 1941
Date Produced: 1945
Date Published: 1945
Collection/Donor: Morse

Gulf of Maine and Georges Bank: United States East Coast
Barcode: 43068
Language: English
Date Produced: 1964
Date Published: 1964
Map Type: Nautical charts
Collection/Donor: Roger W. Kaufman

Block Island, Rhode Island
Barcode: 43070
Language: English
Date Produced: 1904
Date Published: 1904
Map Type: Nautical charts
Collection/Donor: Osher