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A mappe of the town of Philadelphia which is located in ye province of Pennsylvania
Barcode: 54820
Creator: Smith, Edward C.
Publishing Location:Philadelphia
Date Produced: 1928
Date Published: 1928
Collection/Donor: Monkhouse

Southern Tourist Transportation and Hotel Journal
Barcode: 54823
Publishing Location:Louisville, Kentucky
Date Produced: 1891
Date Published: 1891
Collection/Donor: Monkhouse

The Standard guide map of Florida : to accompany the Florida standard guide
Barcode: 54845
Date Produced: 1903
Date Published: 1903
Collection/Donor: Monkhouse

The visitor's Paris : prepared from the latest authoritative sources for the National Travel Club
Barcode: 54859
Date Produced: 1925
Date Published: 1925
Collection/Donor: Monkhouse

Map of the city, river and harbour of Cork
Barcode: 55011
Creator: Moore, P.
Date Produced: circa 1860
Date Published: circa 1860
Collection/Donor: Monkhouse

The Grand Panorama of London from the Thames with an introduction by Asa Briggs
Barcode: 55117
Language: English
Publishing Location:London, England
Region Depicted: London, England · Thames River (England)
Map Type: Views
Collection/Donor: Monkhouse