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Harper's Atlas of American History, selected from The American Nation Series with map studies, by Dixon Ryan Fox .
Barcode: 3236
Author: Fox, Dixon Ryan (1887 -1945), Harper and Brothers,
Language: English
Publishing Location:New York
Date Produced: 1920
Date Published: 1920
Collection/Donor: Meinig

Inside Europe; again completely revised
Barcode: 39363
Author: Gunther, John (1901 -1970)
Date: 1940
Collection/Donor: Morin

Here's England: A Highly Informal Guide
Barcode: 39308
Author: Bransten, Richard, McKenney, Ruth
Language: English
Date: 1950
Collection/Donor: Auletta

Hither and Thither in Germany
Barcode: 39167
Author: Howells, William Dean
Language: English
Date: 1920
Collection/Donor: Auletta

Let's Go to Peru
Barcode: 38926
Author: Judson, Ellen, Judson, Lyman
Language: English
Date: 1951
Collection/Donor: Auletta