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Travel in England from Pilgrim and Pack-horse to Light Car and Plane
Barcode: 14545
Author: Burke, Thomas
Language: English
Publishing Location:New York
Date: 1946
Collection/Donor: Hawes

Der Bodensee Landschaft St├Ądte Und Umgebung
Barcode: 35957
Author: Schroll *, A.
Language: German
Publishing Location:Munich
Date: 1972
Collection/Donor: Hawes

Biological survey of the Mount Desert Region
Barcode: 40656
Author: Procter, William (1872 -1951)
Publishing Location:Philadelphia
Date: 1933
Collection/Donor: Hawes

Mickey sees the U.S.A.
Barcode: 40657
Author: Emerson, Caroline Dwight (1891 -1973)
Publishing Location:Boston (Mass.)
Date: 1944
Collection/Donor: Hawes