Internships in Map History (USM students)

Internships in Map History (USM students)

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OML has capacity each semester for one or two interns who wish to pursue a project related to early maps as part of their undergraduate major. Student interns work with the OML curator, faculty scholar, or other staff as appropriate. Interns must register for an internship through one of several departments at USM that include an internship program within the major (e.g., Geography-Anthropology or History). The requirement of all OML internships is to prepare content about early maps suitable for adding to the OML website.

Internships run through one semester.

How to Apply:

Interested students should contact the OML curator or faculty scholar before the beginning of the semester in which they wish to undertake an internship. When contacting OML staff, students need (1) to present a clear statement of their interests and abilities as they pertain to maps and their history and (2) to be precise about the number of hours per week they seek to work in OML.

Students must also consult with the relevant departments to ensure that they register for the internship for the appropriate number of credits.