In compliance with University of Maine System and University of Southern Maine directives related to Covid-19, we are unable to offer onsite Field Trips or in-person Classroom Visits for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Instead, we are offering free interactive Virtual Field Trips to be hosted synchronously over Zoom or Google Meets. Themes currently available include:

Theme(s) for Grades 2-5:
     • “World Geography & Landforms”
     • “New England Geography”
     • “Maine Geography”
Theme(s) for Grades 6-8:
     • Two-Part “World Maps & Geography”
     • “Maine History in Maps”
     • “Maine Geography”
     • “New England Geography”
Theme(s) for Grades 9+:
     • “World Maps in History”
     • “Maine History in Maps”

CLICK HERE to Request Virtual Field Trip

We are hard at work creating additional Virtual Field Trip themes; if you have any requests or recommendations, please send them to Renee Keul at, and please also consider filling out our short Educator Survey Form

Are you a classroom teacher in the Portland area? We are happy to lend high-quality printed reproductions of map sets for use in your classroom at no cost. Additionally, we can provide print-outs of any of the worksheets to accompany the map set, also at no cost to you. Please contact Renee Keul at for more information or to reserve a map set.

Printed Map Sets Available for Borrow:

Educational Map Set: Maine State History
Educational Map Set: Colonial New England
Educational Map Set: Expansion of the United States
Educational Map Set: History of Portland
Educational Map Set: World Geography & Maps

We also have many resources that can be accessed at home:

Educational Games
Worksheets & Activities
MapPlay Website
Learn at Home pages
     • Maine State History
     • Colonial New England
     • Growth of the United States
     • History of Portland
     • World Maps & Geography

We look forward to resuming regular programming when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact with any questions.