In compliance with University of Maine System and University of Southern Maine directives related to Covid-19, we are unable to offer onsite Field Trips or in-person Classroom Visits for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Instead, we are offering free interactive Virtual Field Trips to be hosted synchronously over Google Meets for groups of 10 to 35 (per session). Themes currently available include:

Theme(s) for Grades K-2:
     • “All About Maps”
Theme(s) for Grades 3-5:
     • “World Geography & Landforms”
               (also available for students to complete independently)
     • “United States Geography”
     • “New England Geography”
     • “Maine Geography”
     • “Mapmaking Workshop” (Grades 4-6)
Theme(s) for Grades 6-8:
     • Two-Part “World Maps & Geography”
     • “United States Geography”
     • “New England Geography”
     • “Maine History in Maps”
     • “Maine Geography”
     • “Mapmaking Workshop” (Grades 4-6)
Theme(s) for Grades 9+:
     • “World Maps in History”

     • “Maine History in Maps”

CLICK HERE to Request Virtual Field Trip

We are hard at work creating additional Virtual Field Trip themes; if you have any requests or recommendations, please send them to Renee Keul at, and please also consider filling out our short Educator Survey Form

Are you a classroom teacher in the Portland area? We are happy to lend high-quality printed reproductions of map sets for use in your classroom at no cost. Additionally, we can provide print-outs of any of the worksheets to accompany the map set, also at no cost to you. Please contact Renee Keul at for more information or to reserve a map set.

Printed Map Sets Available for Borrow:

Educational Map Set: Maine State History
Educational Map Set: Colonial New England
Educational Map Set: Expansion of the United States
Educational Map Set: History of Portland
Educational Map Set: World Geography & Maps

We also have many resources that can be accessed at home:

Educational Games
Worksheets & Activities
MapPlay Website
Learn at Home pages
     • Maine State History
     • Colonial New England
     • Growth of the United States
     • History of Portland
     • World Maps & Geography

We look forward to resuming regular programming when it is safe to do so. In the meantime, thank you for your patience and understanding. Please contact with any questions.