Work-Study Student (Graduate and Undergraduate)

Work-Study Student (Graduate and Undergraduate)

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Work-study students work for ••-•• hours per week, working on a variety of tasks important to OML and its operations. In the process they develop usable, real-world skills. As students gain experience in working in a special collections’ environment, they are given more responsibility. OML accordingly offers a range of salaries, from $•• to $•• per hour.

Work-study students work with OML staff to organize and catalog new collections, process digital images and assist in the imaging of OML’s rare materials with state-of-the-art equipment, test and help develop new online systems, and assist in OML’s various public events and daily operations.

Desired qualifications vary depending on the kind of work. For the most part, an interest in history or mapping and some computer skills are requisite. It is, however, part of OML’s educational mission to train students upon the base provided by their initial qualifications.

While work-study students are accepted at any time during the calendar year, including the summer, they normally begin at the start of a semester.


How to Apply:

Interested students should complete the application form (below) and send it to the OML administrative assistant at