Map of York County Maine from Actual Survey

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Name: Map of York County Maine from Actual Survey


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Notes: Includes table of distances and statistics; some insets include business directories.Maps of individual towns: Kennebunk; Kennebunkport; Alfred; Kittery; Berwick; Cornish; Goodwin's Mills; Newfield; Moderation; South Berwick; Limerick; Salmon Falls; Saco and Biddeford; Bar Mills; North Berwick; Sanford; York; Spring Vale; East Parsonfield; Linington; Kittery Point Village.Images on margins: Court House, Alfred, daguerreotyped by J.L. Abott; Mousam House, daguerreotyped by H. Sargent; Ship Building at Kennebunkport by H. Sargent; Residence of Joseph Titcomb Esquire, Kennebunk. Picture by Henry Sargent; Residence of Col. WM.L. Thompson, Kennebunk. Kimball & Day, builder and architect; Central Block. Picture by E.H. McKenney; Residence of D.E. Somes, Biddeford. Picture by E.H. McKenney; Residence of Captain W.M. Lord, Kennebunk; Residence of Benjamin Dudley, esquire. Kennebunkport; Residence of George W. Bourne, Kennebunk; Town House, Saco. Daguerreotype by A.R. Davis; Residence of Chas. L. Dresser, esquire, Kennebunk. Daguerreotype by H. Sargent; Herrick House, Alford. Daguerreotype by J.L. Abbott.

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