Map of the Town of Frankfort Waldo County Maine

Collection: Osher Map Library Collection

Name: Map of the Town of Frankfort Waldo County Maine


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Notes: Lithographed wall map Note: "Printed by Wagner & McGuigan." Images of places of interest around the borders: Lathley Rich's Residence, Stokell's Block, Residence of Jeremiah Holme, Residence of N.H. Hubbard Esq., Residence of Otis Kaler, Residence of Amos Sprout, Congregational Church, Residence of T. Cushing, Residence of Capt. W.M.S. Smith, Rich's Wharf, Commercial House, T. Cushing and Cos Steam Mill



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Dimensions: 98 x 83

Physical Description: 2 maps on 1 sheet: colored, illustrated

Accession Number: OML-1855-76


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