Gettysburg Battle-Field

Collection: Osher Map Library Collection

Name: Gettysburg Battle-Field


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Date/Date Range Published: 1863


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Dimensions: Size: W 101 x H 71 cm

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Brief Description: Topographical view of the battle of Gettysburg fought July 1-3, 1863 by the Federal and Confederate armies commanded by Generals George Meade and Robert E. Lee. Includes a plan for the Soldiers National Cemetery. The view includes facsimile signatures of generals who approved Bachelder's rendering of the battle. Also included are the positions of the troops, corps, brigades, and divisions. There are designations of places where officers were killed or wounded. Also included are the names of commanding officers, badge symbols of the Federal corps. The view shows houses, names of residents, fences, points of interest, roads and streets railroads, bridges and drainage. The view depicts all three days of the battle and each day is coded with different colors for the Federal and Confederate troops.

Historical Context: Bachelder was a portrait and landscape painter. His interest in the Civil War battle of Gettysburg became all-consuming. He interviewed many battle participants on both sides to ascertain the position of all units. He also assisted in a leading role in erecting battlefield monuments.

LC Call Number: G3824.G355 1863.B323

OCLC: 171023062

Accession Number: OML-1863-25

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