Coast of Maine- From Seal Harbor to Penmaquid Point, Dated June 24, 1776

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Coast of Maine- From Seal Harbor to Penmaquid Point, Dated June 24, 1776


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Notes: Note: "Publish'd According to Act of Parliament June 24th 1776, by J.F.W. Des Barres Esqr." Title supplied by cataloger, no title on map itself.Map shows islands, bays, harbours and other points of interest: Penmaquid Point; Pavement Cove; New Harbour; Long Cove; Browns Head; Round Pond; Carter's Islands; Mash Island; Muskongus Island; Hogg Island; Ram Island; Greenland Cove; Oar Island; Partners of Long Island; Cow Island; Hunger Island; Jones Neck; Broad Cove; Western Creek; Eastern Creek; Broad Bay; Medumac River; Medumac Falls; Farington's Cove; Long Creek; Back Cove; Small Falls; Goofe River; Martin's Point; Hatchet Cove; Sand Island; Jone's Garden; Falfe Franklin; Harbour Island; Franklin's Island; High Ledge; Outward Egg Rock; The Gull Rocks; Manheigin Island; The Old Man and Woman Ledges; Burnt Island; St. George's Harbour; St. George's Islands; Otter Island; Cranberry Island; Minnifters Gutt; Medumcook Island; Carver's Island; Burton's Island; Crotch Island; Carver's Point; Baf's Point; Gaunt Neck Cove; Salt Marsh; Little River; Medumcook River; Pleasant Point; St. George's River; Maple Juice Cove; McCobb's Point; Arnold's Cove; Broad Cove; Cutler's Cove; Smith's Cove; Colvills Island; Herring Gutt; Herring Gutt Island; Mark Island; The Brothers; Mufkeito Island; Mufkeito Harbour; Moofe Point; Northern Island; Tarrents Harbour; Southern Island; Long Creek; The Little Marshes; Little Marsh Cove; White Head Islands; White Harbour; Seal Harbour; Seal Harbour Island; Wassawasgeig River; Owl's Head Bay; Two Bush Island; Metinick Island; Metinick Rock.

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