Map of adventures for boys and girls : stories, trails, voyages, discoveries, explorations & places to read about

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Name: Map of adventures for boys and girls : stories, trails, voyages, discoveries, explorations & places to read about


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Notes: Ships, other means of exploration, buildings, books, and animals shown pictorially.Incorporates text, including titles of literary works, and exploration: Adventure of "Michael Strogoff, the Courier of the Czar"; To the "Farthest North"; "Adventure of Wrangel Island"; "Cruise of the Cachalot"; Northwest Passage; Nome, Trail of Gunnar Kasson and his dog Balto, Feb. 1925; The river found by Alexander Mackenzie, 1789; Here "The Call of the Wild" was heard; "Black Rock"; "The Ascent of Denali"; Return of the Northwest Passage; Bay of Mercy where Sir Robert McClure left his ship, 1850; Where John Franklin died; The North Pole; Here Hudson was lost; Forest of the Kindred of the Wild; Ungava Bob's Country; Where Paul Bunyan came from; "Seats of the mighty"; Home of Marie Chapdelaine; Plains of Abraham; "Golden Dog"; Long Labrador Trail; "Adrift on the Ice Pan"; "The Habitant"; Champlain's City; Glengarry; Rip Van Winkles Trail; Cartier's River; "The Crested Seas"; Acadia; "Sunnybrook Farm"; Plymouth Rock; Captain Kidd's Island; "Wreck of the Grosvenor"; Kittyhawk; Ponce de Leon's landing, 1513; Camp Lazear; Home of "Uncle Remus"; A Lincoln's City; "Penrod"; Blazed Trail; Country of Pierre and his people; Grave of Marquette; Tom Sawyer River; DeSota's Crossing; "Texan Star"; Oregon Trail; Ranch of the "Vin Ginian"; "Trail of the Hill Stag"; Church of the "Sky Pilot"; Kootenay; Trail of the covered wagon; Lewis & Clark, 1804; "Purple Sage" Lands; Strickeen; Death Valley; "Golden Days of '49"; "Forty-Niners"; "Ramona's" Country; "Two years before the mast"; "The Aztec Treasure House"; "Mysterious Island / Lost World"; Cortez 1519; "In the wake of the buccaneers"; "The Panama Gateway"; "Westward Ho!"; "Treasure Island" should be about here; In the Sargasso Sea; The Great Quest Route; Santa Maria; The Mayflower; Here Cabot crossed; Here the Titanic went down; The Gray Azores; Land of "Don Quixote"; Land of "3 Guardsmen of Joan of Arc & Monte Cristo"; The Alhambra; City of Hannibal; Tomb of Tutankhamen; The crossing of the Red Sea; Cleopatra's River; Sea of Ulysses and Jason; Helen's City; The Eternal City; Country of Pinocchio; "Otto of the Silver Hand"; "Scaramouche"; "Dove on the Eagle's Nest"; Here "Heidi" lived; Here the "Pied Piper" appeared; Home of "Hans Brinker"; Hans Anderson's Country"; Katrinka's country; Here Nils had his wonderful adventure; Land of the "Long Night on the Fjord"; Scene of the "Story of Rolf" and "Story of Grettir the Strong"; Home of Leif Ericson the discoverer; Amundsen's flight, May, 1925; Florence Nightingale's peninsula; Mt. Ararat; Bible Lands; Mt. Sinai; "Lance of Kanana"; City of the "Arabian Nights"; This port "Sinbad" said he sailed; Marco Polo's journey in the year 1271; Route of "KIM"; "Assault of Mt. Everest"; Mandalay; "Mowgli's" jungle; Rangoon; Route of Vasco da Gama in the year 1498; "Cruise of the Cachalot"; "African Game Trails"; Here Stanley found Livingstone; "Through the Dark Continent"; "Country of the dwarfs"; Slave coast; Ivory Coast; Limpopo River; The Rand; Where the "Elephants Child" went; "The Flying Dutchman"; St. Helena; Brig "Adventure on the Great Quest"; "A Peak in Darien"; "Edge of the Jungle"; "Romance of the Martin Connor"; "Adventures of Captain Horn"; Galapagos; "Far Away and Long Ago"; "The Tail of the Hemisphere"; "The print of a man's naked foot on the shore"; Here Magellan sailed through; Route of Amundsen the discoverer; Here "Philip Nolan" died at sea the "Man Without a Country"; Sea of the "Ancient Mariner"; To the South Pole, "The Heart of the Antarctic"; "Cachalot"; Cook's Strait; Scott's Route; "Cruise of the Snark"; Scene of the "Rogue's March"; Here "Old Man Kangaroo" got his hind legs; Cook's first voyage, 1769; Botany Bay; Coral Sea; "Where the Strange Trails go down"; Adventures of "Swiss Family Robinson"; In these waters Captain Ahab pursued "Moby Dick, the White Whale"; Captain Cook's last harbor; Molokai.Text in bottom left: "In the British Isles, crowded with great adventures, are situated Arthur's Round Table, Sherwood Forest, Cawdor Castle, Kenilworth, the place where John Gilpin rode so fast, the homes of David Balfour, Jane Eyre, Sherlock Holmes, the King of Irelands son, David Copperfield, Alice, Lorna Doone, Tom Brown, Gulliver, Lavengro, Peter Pan, and of other heroes & heroines who live in the pages of good books, so many in number that this Map cannot contain them."Text in bottom right: "The Thirteen States, reaching on the North towards the country of Evangeline and on the South towards the Spanish Main, provide the scene for the stories of Uncle Remus, Leatherstocking, Little Women, Hiawatha, Hugh Wynne, Jack Ballister and many more.Here are found the house of Seven Gables, the Country of Pointed Firs, Fair Harbor, Red Rock, the home of Standish of Standish and of Barbara Frietchie. And besides all these, who live only in stories the history of the Thirteen States has many heroes, such as Colonel Washington, Captain John Smith, Dr. Walter Reed, Clara Barton, and Jacob Riis and his great friend Roosevelt, whose deeds have been put in print for our profit and delight."

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