1917 Red Russia 1947 / Colonial Problem

Collection: Osher Map Library Collection

Name: 1917 Red Russia 1947 / Colonial Problem


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Notes: "NEWS map by staff artist Sundberg". Edwin L. Sundberg was an American cartographer and staff artist for the New York Daily News.



Date/Date Range Published: Jun 8th, 1947


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Dimensions: 33 x 52 cm on sheet 48 x 58 cm

Brief Description: Double-sided page showing conflicts in colonial possessions of European ruling nations after World War II and the U.S.S.R.'s domination and sphere of influence especially in Eastern Europe and the partial occupation of Berlin and Vienna. Each colonial conflict is indicated in black boxes. Explanatory text describes the formation of United Nations trusteeships to prevent future struggles between nations and the colonies. Colonial issues include the British problem with Palestine and which they finally relinquished it to the trusteeship. This led to the 1948 establishment of the state of Israel. Also included is the beginning of the independence movement in India, France's problems in French West Africa, a revolt against French domination in Indochina. Colored key indicates colonies and territories of the ruling nations including the United States which was authorized to establish bases in Guam and the Marshall Islands.

LC Call Number: G7061.S72 1947 N4

OCLC: 1200758634

Accession Number: OML-1947-128

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