[A Colonial Manuscript Map of Southern Maine]

Collection: Osher Map Library Collection

Name: [A Colonial Manuscript Map of Southern Maine]


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Date/Date Range Produced: 1773


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Dimensions: 71 x 47 cm

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Historical Context: Most of the place names identified on the map were land grants for Massachusetts militia officers and proprietors. "Raymondtown" was granted to "Raymond and others" showing Raymondtown Plantation granted in 1767 to the descendants of Captain William Raymond of Beverly, Massachusetts and his militia. Bridgeton was granted to Moody Bridges and a group of proprietors in 1765 when it was originally called Pondicherry. Otisfield, the town of Paris, Bethel, Jay, Livermore, Turner, Poland and later Brunswick were all land grants to those who supported Sir William Phips in the 1690 Quebec battle against the French.

LC Call Number: G3732.G465 1773

OCLC: 1202068335

Accession Number: OML-1773-9

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