Septentrionalivm Terrarvm descriptio. Per Gerardum Mercatorem Cum Privilegio

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Septentrionalivm Terrarvm descriptio. Per Gerardum Mercatorem Cum Privilegio


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Notes: Verso: Text in French

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Dimensions: 1 hemisphere 35 cm. in diameter on sheet 37 x 39cm.

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Historical Context: This landmark map was the first individually printed map to focus on the Arctic. Depicted as it was described in legends, the North Pole appears as a massive rock surrounded by circulating waters, which feed four rivers between four large islands. Interestingly, Magnetic North is denoted with a separate island between Asia and North America, just north of the Strait of Anian. The map also depicts the attempts of Frobisher and Davis to locate the northern passages to Asia. In the North Atlantic, an interestingly-shaped Greenland looms over Iceland and the mythical island of Frisland. Iceland is drawn similarly to its depictions on the maps of Ortelius, derived from indigenous sources, and several named towns are imagined on the island of Frisland. Frisland is shown again in one of the four roundels at the corners of the map?s florally decorated border; the other three roundels feature the Faeroe Isles, the Shetland Isles, and the title of the map.

LC Call Number: G3270 1633 .M4

OCLC: 76701454

Accession Number: OS-1633-2



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