A Map of the District of Maine with New Brunswick & Nova Scotia

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: A Map of the District of Maine with New Brunswick & Nova Scotia


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Notes: Note below map scale: "Doolittle sculpt.". Note above neat line: "Engraved for Morse's Universal Geography: Published by Thomas & Andrews Boston."Map shows rivers, lakes, bays, harbours, islands and other landmarks: Isle of Shoals; Piscataqua Harbour; Salmon Falls River; Casco Bay; Penmaquid Point; Saco River; Penobscot Bay; Androscoggin River; Kenebeck River; Sheepscut River; St. Georges River; Umbagog Lake; Moosehead Lake; Penobscot River; Mount Desert Island; Schoodic Lake; Machias Harbour; Scodic River; St. Ann River; St. Johns River; Ristigushi River; Orangabena Lake; Oval River; South River; Orleans Island; Hare Island; River St. Laurence; Betsiamites Point; Bistigouche River; Tesheniket River; Pobonaw River; Magdalene River; Grand River; Cape Rosiers; Gaspe Bay; Cape Ann; Chaleur Bay; Misko Island; Nipisiki River; Karoket River; Minagua River; Miramic Bay; Richibucto River; Cocagne River; Lake Frenuse; Shediak River; West Cape; Shepody River; Cape Shegnets; Passamaquoddy Bay; River St. Croix; Great Manan Island; Cobscook Bay; Bay of Funday; Anapolis Royal; Cape St. Mary; Sandy Cape; Shelbourn; Cape Sambro; Popes Head; Frankland Harbour; Stenuak River; Torbay; Cape Canso; Gulf of Canso; Isle Madame; Louisbourg; Cape Breton; Spanish Bay; Port Dauphin; North Point; Island St. Faul; Cape St. Laurence; Amherst Island; Magdalene Isles; Cross Island; Cape Ray; St. Georges Bay; Red Island; Long Point; South East Point; Cardigan Bay; Bedford Bay; Richmond Bay; Pictou Island; Hilsborough Island; Charlotte Town; North Point.

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