The Province of Maine from the best Authorities 1799

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Name: The Province of Maine from the best Authorities 1799


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Notes: Note at top of map: "Engraved for Payne's Geography." Map includes rivers, lakes, harbours, bays and other landmarks: Salmon Falls River; Piscataqua Harbour; Garnishes Island; York Harbour; Boone Island; Cape Neddock; Bald Head; Well Harbour; Cape Porpoise; Fletchers Neck; Saco Bay; Scetons Island; Richmond Island; Cape Elizabeth; Casco Bay; Small Point; Senquine Island; Great Ossippee River; Saco River; Cold River; Amariscoggin River; Swan Island; Manhegin Island; Pemaquid Point; St. George River; Matinic Island; Penobscot Harbour; Penobscot Bay; Coleseconti Lake; F. Western; F. Pownall; Penobscot River; Kennebec River; F. Halifax; Sagadahoc River; Umbagog Lake; Connecticut River; Agamuntic Pond; Ourgaman Lake; Car Place Falls; Sabasticog River; Panaunke Pond; Pasadanik River; Skullock Harbour; Island au Haut; Mt. Desert Island; Frenchman's Bay; Goldsborough Harbour; Machias Bay; Pleasant River; Old St. Croix; Campo Bello; Passamaquoddi; Passamaquoddi River; River St. Croix; Panaunke Pond; Wesseronsaik River; East Chandiere; West Chandiere; Sebaim Lake; Lake Chenosbec; Lake Kawakusiba; Lake Kersisongar; River Chandiere; Wiguda River; River Clyde or St. John's River; Spey River; Lake Ourangabena; Lake Medorosta.


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