Maine. Railroads.

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Name: Maine. Railroads.


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Notes: Folding map from Rand, McNally & Co.'s Indexed County and Railroad Pocket Map and Shippers' Guide of Maine. Note below map scale: "Rand, McNally & Co.'s New Business Atlas Map of Maine. Copyright, 1904, by Rand, McNally & Co. Copyright, 1893, by Rand, McNally & Co." Note below neat line: "Rand, McNally & Co., Map Publishers and Engravers, Chicago, 1905."Information on Government Positions and applying for employment included.

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Dimensions: Map: H 53.8 x W 35.3 cm
Booklet: H 16.6 x W 20.5 cm
Covers: H 16.6 x W 10.3 cm

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