K-un-yu ch uan - t u

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: K-un-yu ch uan - t u


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Notes: Nineteenth century copy of Ferdinand Verbiest's handcolored woodblock map first published at Peking in 1674. A derived edition was published in Canton in 1856 and this Korean edition printed in Seoul by order of the King of Korea in 1860. Although it is recorded that some of the woodblocks for the map may survive in the Seoul National Library, it is known to be an incomplete set. This example with the scrolls of text on each side, not present with any of the copies examined in the British Library and The Royal Geographical Society, is also notable for its strong early colour (Dealer note).

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Dimensions: Each hempishere is 168 x 157 cm, entire map including text panels is 436 x 157 cm

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