Qvivirae Regnv, cum alijs versus Borea

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Qvivirae Regnv, cum alijs versus Borea


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Notes: Map depicting the west coast from below the Tropic of Cancer to the North Pole. There is also an early indication of the magnetic pole. Includes mythical creatures and ships. Verso: Text in Latin.

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Dimensions: 35 x 25 cm. on sheet 42 x 28 cm.

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Historical Context: This is the first separate map of the northwestern part of North America, covering the essentially unexplored region from present-day California to Alaska. Of particular interest is the depiction of the magnetic pole as an arctic island (upper left margin), and of the legendary fabulously rich city of Quivira, the never-realized goal of many Spanish explorers. The fine hand coloring is typical of the early Dutch period, and the few cities are designated by conventional red symbols. The sea is embellished with detailed engravings of European and oriental ships, and sea monsters, including one with the head and neck of a unicorn. The unknown interior areas are occupied by text panels and vignettes of animals, including "cattle with camel humps," and of natives living in tents. An inscription notes similarity of the tents to those of the Tartars, possibly an early suggestion of migration from Asia to America.

LC Call Number: G3350 1593 .J6

OCLC: 727806320

Accession Number: OS-1593-3



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