Map of the marvelous land of OZ

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Map of the marvelous land of OZ


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Date/Date Range Produced: 1920


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Dimensions: 22 x 33 cm

Brief Description: Pictorial map of the fictional land of Oz, the setting for children's books by L. Frank Baum. Reilly & Lee issued the map separately which predates the 1939 movie. The map shows Munchkin Country "where Dorothy's house fell" and shows the "road of yellow brick" leading straight to the Emerald City. Included is the wicked witch of the west's domain noted in "Winkie Country" and the palace of Glinda the good is in "Quadling Country."

LC Call Number: G9930 1920.R4

OCLC: 1129589791

Accession Number: OML-1920-191

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