Esso War Map III featuring The Pacific Theater

Collection: Yorke Collection

Name: Esso War Map III featuring The Pacific Theater


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Notes: Note after title: "Esso Marketers A third War Map edited, drafted, and printed by the makers of the peace-time Esso Road Maps." Recto maps and insets: "Philippine Islands" with inset of "Manila and Vicinity," Insets: "Palau Islands," "Truk Islands," "Dublon," "Yap," "Angaur," "Saipan and Tinian," "Paramushiru," "Guam," "Rota," "Marcus," "Ngulu Islands," "Ulithi Islands," "Sorol Islands," "Elato and Lamotrek Islands," "Ryu?kyu? Islands," "Woleai Islands," "Chichijima Islands," "Hahajima Islands," "Naka-Iwo," "To?kyo and Vicinity." Verso maps: "South China Coast with detailed inset of Canton-Hong Kong Area," "Formosa" and "Vladivostok [sic] and Vicinity"

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Dimensions: 84 x 58 cm folded to 19 x 14 cm

LC Call Number: G9231.R2 1944.G4

OCLC: 10917299

Accession Number: YO-1944-87



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