Humbead's revised map of the world : with list of population

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Name: Humbead's revised map of the world : with list of population


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Notes: Iconic 1969 Earl Crabb and Rick Shubb map of the world. Celebrated for its place in the history of the West Coast folk scene and the hippie counterculture, the map depicts a world reimagined from this perspective. San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles, New York City, and Cambridge dominate one large continent, with Southeast Asia, North Africa, and Boston making up the rest of this landmass. Places within these cities are illustrated and labeled as well ... In San Francisco, for example, Golden Gate Park is illustrated, and Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Santa Barbara, and Marin County are labeled ... Southeast Asia is situated between San Francisco and Los Angeles, while the entire continent of Africa is between Cambridge and New York City. Nashville sits to the left of the continent, perhaps a reference to Crabb and Shubb's love of folk music. This Pangea-esque continent is illustrated on a blue background meant to represent the ocean given that it is labeled as 'The Farspooming Ocean', 'The Wavy Waste', 'The Great Naked Sea', and 'The Whelming Brine'. The border bears a list of over 1,000 names - the population to which the map's title refers. Among the celebrities referenced are Stanley Kubrick, Salvador Dali, Peter Cushing, Pablo Picasso, Stan Lee, and John Lennon. This map was created and published by Rick Shubb and Earl Crabb (Humbead) in 1969.

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Dimensions: 55.5 x 43 cm

LC Call Number: G3201.A5 1969 .S57

OCLC: 1264708979

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