My Trip up the river

Collection: Osher Map Library Collection

Title: My Trip up the river


Travel journal kept by a fifteen year old girl of a tour by steamboat and rail from Dubuque, Iowa to St. Paul, Minnesota in June, 1862. She and four girls traveled on the steamboat Itasca visiting towns, flour mill and sawmill. She recorded seeing Lake Pepin and Minnehaha Falls. Included are descriptions of traveling conditions.  The unnamed diarist also kept records of people she sent photographs to and letters she received. She listed Sunday School (referred to as Sabbath School) texts she read. Also included are her personal religious introspections and being accepted into a church and allowed to prepare for a service.  Included in a July 7, 1862 entry she records her 16th birthday.

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Historical Context: Journal was started a year after the Civil War began in 1861.  The steamboat Itasca would be used to transport soldiers from Minnesota during the war.



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Notes: Accession # OML-1863-41