Map of the defenses of Vicksburg, Miss.

↑ Parent: Atlas to accompany the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies published under the direction of the Hon. Stephen B. Elkins, Secretary of War Maj. George B. Davis U.S.A. Mr. Leslie J. Perry Mr. Joseph W. Kirkley Board of Publication Compiled by Capt. Colvin D. Cowles 23d. U.S. Infantry Part VIII.

Collection: Osher Collection

Name: Map of the defenses of Vicksburg, Miss.


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Alternative Title: Map of Jackson and vicinity; Map of Jackson, Miss. and vicinity showing the position of the United States and rebel works in front of the 13th Army Corps July 20th, 1863.; Military map of Vicksburg and vicinity; Map of the siege of Jackson, Miss. by the U. S. Forces under command of Maj. Gen. W. T. Sherman 9th to 17th July, 1863.; Map of Big Black River Railroad Bridge and vicinity showing intrenchments (blue) constructed by order of Brig. Gen. P. J. Osterhaus also intrenchments (red) of the enemy carried May 17th, 1863.; Map of Battle-Field of Big Black River Bridge, Miss. showing the positions of the U. S. Troops at the moment Gen. Lawler charged the left of the enemy's line May 17th, 1863.

Notes: "Map of the defenses of Vicksburg, Miss." may have another authority listed. Saul H. Lockett? Maybe Samuel H. Lockett? Not sure. Might want to look into it. "February" "May 14th and May 16th" "July 10th and July 21st" "July 9th and July 17th" "July 20th" "May 17th" 1863 - Inscribed on Map

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